We’ve all had to deal with humblebraggarts in our daily lives; they’re those pesky friends who complain about how awkward they looked when they met a celebrity or lament how tired they are when they arrive in an exotic country. Harris Wittels‘ extremely popular Humblebrag Twitter feed provides us with daily examples of people who exhibit this all-too-common act of ‘modesty’ that makes us want to sarcastically yell, ‘Oh, I feel so bad for you.’ If you need further explanation, this sketch group is happy to put on vaguely European accents and explain it to you.

Just like Shit Girls Say, Humblebrag is now releasing a book featuring the best quotes from the Twitter account. Instead of a series of visual gags, Wittels, a Parks and Recreation writer, will break down each humblebrag in humorous fashion. Only five copies are left in stock on Amazon, but that isn’t stopping Wittels. He’s posted a video on Funny Or Die with three Parks and Recreation cast members – Nick Offerman, Chris Pratt, and Adam Scott – who unenthusiastically humblebrag their way out of helping their writer promote his book.

The star, as always, is Offerman. In case you didn’t know, he’s actually just like Ron Swanson in real life, and he shows it in Humblebrag, where he complains about how hard it is to cope with having a large, uncontainable piece of manhood. This video and Nick Offerman From Parks and Recreation Reads Tweets From Young Female Celebrities have me convinced that it’s definitely time for a web companion to Parks and Recreation based around Ron’s everyday life.

The video coincides not only with the release of Wittels’ book but also with last week’s Season 5 premiere of Parks And Recreation. Between promoting his new book and continuing to write for his TV show, Wittels must be a busy man these days. It’s  as if the universe is tempting him to humblebrag about the whirlwind schedule necessitated by his recent endeavors. Only time will tell if he is able to stay strong in the face of adversity.

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