The season 5 DVD of Gossip Girl was released yesterday, and buzz is high for the show’s sixth and final season, which will premiere on October 7. Gossip Girl owes a large part of its success to costume designer Eric Daman; the outfits he’s put on the characters have been the subject of much positive analysis. Daman, who also worked on Sex and the City, recently let viewers into his life with a three-part web series, The Daman Chronicles. The series was created in partnership with jewelry designers Swarovski and was released on the culture-oriented Cambio channel. Tubefilter was lucky enough to chat with the sought-after stylist about his web venture.

“I had been approached by several TV producers to do a reality show or something like that,” explained Daman, “I’m kind of a private person. I didn’t want cameras following me around, but [Swarovski] made me feel so comfortable and I know they really do a great job and have such high standards.” Daman had partnered with Swarovski several times in the past before they joined forces for The Daman Chronicles. “They really have a big presence on the web,” noted Daman, “They’re getting all these bloggers involved and it shows how forward thinking Swarovski is.”

The Daman Chronicles takes viewers into the life of a hip stylist who, despite his desire for privacy, is very self-assured on camera.” It was definitely a new opportunity for me,” Daman admits, “this was such an online presence and it was putting myself out there and trying to move beyond doing Gossip Girl and trying to show people more of Eric Daman.” In each episode, Daman works with a fashion media member to create new outfits accessorized with Swarovski jewelry. “It was me with Keiko Lynn, a great blogger I know in New York,” says Daman of the web series’ second episode, “so it’s kind of a day to day look into the life of Eric Daman. You know, it’s very industry related and showcasing all this great Swarovski stuff as well.”

For now there are just three episodes, but after Daman finishes his work on Gossip Girl and the upcoming Sex And The City prequel, The Carrie Diaries, we might see more web content from him. “I think they’re getting a great draw and it’s a really great experience,” he said, “In a couple months we can figure out a timeframe to do a couple more episodes. My schedule’s really taking care of the final season of Gossip Girl and making that look as fabulous as possible because we really want to go off the air with a bang.”

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