Guinness World Records, with its unusual facts and visual presentation style, is tailor-made for the Internet. Sure enough, the coffee table staple has a fairly sizeable YouTube channel featuring videos from its various showed both here in America and over in Japan. One of the most fascinating features of the channel is Meet the Record Holders, where, in the past, Guinness has introduced us to record-holding fros and card stackers.

Last week, Meet The Record Holders returned with nine new videos, and I must say I can’t imagine anything cuter than this adorable little heifer:

As we all know, the Internet runs on a steady diet of cat image macros and adorable baby animals, so it’s no surprise that over half of the new videos are about animal records. These five videos outnumber the three animal videos from the entire run of Meet the Record Holders up before this season (the channel has released fifty of these videos so far). Is the abundance of unusual pets just a coincidence, or is Guinness trying to cash in on Internet trends? It’s hard to believe it’s the former when Guinness devotes separate videos to the world’s tallest horse and the world’s tallest donkey.

Aside from all the animals, Meet the Record Holders derives its appeal from the wacky personalities of the record setters it profiles. This isn’t a place to watch records be broken (it’s not this channel). Rather, it’s a place to gawk at the people who would be so kooky as to break one of these records. Take this California shoe collector, who has over 15,000 shoe-related items in her house including a shoe tattoo on her right arm. As a top comment notes, she seems to have some sort of weird fixation, but that doesn’t mean we can’t marvel at her obsession all the same.

Who knows which insane records will be profiled next (I’d love to understand how this woman functions in daily life), but I’m certainly interested. I think I’ll put all of these videos into a playlist, load them on a tablet, and display them on my coffee table during my next house party.

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