Husbands, the web series about an Odd Couple of gay men who get drunk married in Vegas, has been on the uptick lately.

First, it was put on our radar thanks to Jane Espenson, one of the show’s head writers and someone who’s picked up some hardware around these parts. Then, it started to draw a fan base in part by landing cameos from Felicia Day, Nathan Fillion, and Joss Whedon, a veritable holy triumvirate of Dr. Horrible alums. Fillion appeared in the pilot episode (arranged in 10 parts on this playlist) while Day and Whedon are popping up in the full season of the show, just released and currently airing on series creator (and super fab male lead) Brad Bell‘s YouTube channel, with the first two episodes hitting YouTube in late August:

But Husbands is about to share more with Dr. Horrible than a few cameos. Dark Horse Comics is in the process of publishing a six-part comic adventure based around the zany male leads. Dark Horse previously published comics for Dr. Horrible and The Guild, so it comes as no surprise that their next project is a second-degree connection to the stars of those series.

Dark Horse will release the comic digitally, where it will cost 99 cents for a download. If Husbands proves successful on panels, don’t be surprised if we see more out of Dark Horse. Since releasing the digital comics for Dr. Horrible and The Guild, they’ve built each one out into a legitimate franchise, complete with crossovers and spinoffs.

The Husbands comic will revolve around some sort of MacGuffin birthday present that will set of a wild adventure. You can be assured that this adventure will involve Bell’s ‘Cheeks’ zipping around and hamming it up for the camera while his partner, outed baseball player Brady, looks on in straight man (no pun intended) exasperation. This classic formula has made Husbands a winner, and given the quality of Dark Horse’s past web series work (and the colorful, bishounen-y feel of the preview art), this partnership seems to be a marriage of epic proportions.

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