You’ve seen the story of a man or woman rebounding from a painful breakup a billion times in a million romantic comedies, often as enacted by Kate Hudson and/or Matthew David McConaughey Anna Faris and/or Katherine Heigl and/or Jennifer Garner in performances reinforcing Western gender stereotypes. I Hate Being Single is different. It gives the same romcom premise a hipster spin.

New York City borough-based Actor/comedian/writer Rob Michael Hugel created and stars in the series that features a cast of funny people from Upright Citizens Brigade with acting so subtle it’s almost like they took a page from the hipster playbook (and maybe Duder) and try not to care.

The action follows the post-breakup heartbreak of an unfortunate Brooklynite in kinda skinny jeans (played by Hugel). It’s all more ha-ha funny than laugh-out-loud funny, but it’s odd, entertaining and completely engrossing nonetheless.

Here’s an example: In the second episode, Hugel’s character is about to share some steamy couch time with a member of the opposite sex when he decides to put on something more comfortable. A Snuggie. And not just any Snuggie, but  a homemade Snuggie made by his grandmother that he refuses to take off. It’s that kind of matter-of-fact, oddball humor that defines the show, gives it a quirky feel, and captures your attention.

It’s also the kind of humor that won the Bing Audience Choice Award at the 2011 New York Television Festival. Since walking away with the honor, I Hate Being Single has developed a loyal fan base that helped fund the season finale through a successful Kickstarter campaign.

If you’re looking for a familiar concept with a Williamsburg, Brooklyn twist, or just want to be entertained by one helluva good-looking indie web series, (or want to check out an online original with a guest appearance by My Damn Channel’s Shannon Coffey) be sure to tune into I Hate Being Single.

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