The Onion News Network’s Executive Producer and Director Will Graham and The Onion’s National Sales Director Matt McDonagh took the stage at the IAB’s Digital Content NewFronts this week to showcase some bullshit in addition to a preview their upcoming programming slate for all the advertisers and brand representatives in attendance.

America’s finest news source teased no less than five super secret original web series, which the world’s most poignant purveyor of satire would like to produce with a brand in tow. They include:

  • The Night Spot – The Onion’s spin on the late night talk show genre featuring a host Graham said takes Jay Leno’s “subtle feeling of self-hatred” to a comical extreme, complete with his accompanying tendencies towards hoarding.
  • The Money Room – A new program set to launch as part of the Onion Business Network, which aims to capture the monotony of scrolling stock tickers and dreary financial news.
  • The Gab – A daytime talk show roughly based on The View in which ladies spend more time skewering each other than whatever issue is up for debate. Graham also noted his team was playing around with the idea of making The Gab an all male ensemble cast.
  • Pop Smear – Another gossip and pop culture program to accompany The Onion’s fantastic Star Fix.
  • Birch Control – Duncan Birch is a member of the political pundit team on In the Know. Graham says he has developed quite the cult following. Birch Control is an opportunity for the character to star in his own show with an O’Reilly Factor format.

Both Graham and McDonagh also stressed the quality of the production values on all The Onion’s video programming, which, if you’ve ever watched a video form the comedy network, is easy to see. It’s also worthwhile noting the video clips The Onion execs screened received the best audience reception I’ve been witness to at any of the Digital Content NewFronts events I’ve attended. Many times it was difficult to hear the audio over the laughs.

Check out the Tubefilter Calendar for a complete schedule of the Digital Content NewFronts, and be sure to consult Tubefilter’s Complete Guide to DCNF 2012 for all the latest news.

Monday, April 30, 2012

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