After a five-year-and-twenty-three day-hiatus (or a three-year hiatus, depending on how you count such things) and one helluva successful Kickstarter campaign (which raised a total of $146,752 from 3,900 backers) Ze Frank is back online with an original web series.

A Show just launched today. It features the familiar face of the online video world’s most beloved (and probably most influential) individual in an unfamiliar 16:9 frame giving his fans a primer on what to expect from his at-first-at-least-three-times-a-week web series.

For all the Sports Racers in the audience who were fervent fans of Ze Frank’s The Show, your expectations for the new program should include a totally normal amount of blinking and the fancy addition of overlays and other graphic effects to accompany Ze’s handsome mug. For all the everyone in the room, your expectations for the new program should include a lot of honest self-reflection and active audience collaboration (Ze is already asking viewers to record 20-second descriptions of a recent dream by way of A Show’s Mission page).

Here’s a look:

It’s good a good start! Despite how it kinda makes you want to give Ze a hug and/or send him an email telling him he should listen to his original and fan-recorded chillout song a few times, even though the overall tone of the video is one of benevolence and self-aware empowerment.

If, by chance, you’re in want of a transcript of the above because you’d like to see how Ze’s metaphors come across in text, Knit Me a Pony already has one for you. (I told you Ze’s fans were fervernt.) And If you’re in want of seeing the next episode of A Show, you’ll have to wait until Wednesday. Until then, practice those Power Moves and stay tuned.

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