If you’ve been meaning to add Reddit to the list of sites you compulsively visit while you should be doing something other than compulsively visiting websites, but for whatever reason you haven’t been able navigate past the homepage despite that article Farhad Manjoo wrote for Slate proclaiming the site to be the “web’s unstoppable force” because the site’s design is kinda evocative of a command prompt screen updated for the internet age and you’re not technically-inclined, then you should definitely check out Reddit’s recent Q&A with Jake Hurwitz and Amir Blumenefeld. It’s just the impetus you need to subscribe to Reddit’s daily feed.

It’s also technically not a Q&A, but an IAma, which is Redditspeak for a dedicated post in which a celebrity or otherwise well-known individual (e.g. Louis C.K., Anthony Weiner, Bear Grylls, etc.) or kind/class of individual (e.g. Chick-Fil-A crew member, guy who is about to be released from jail in a few months, former heroin addict, etc.) sits in front of his/her computer and answers all the questions (or almost all the questions) Reddit users wish to ask.

Jake and Amir started their own IAmA Ask Us Anything session earlier this week. In one day’s time the post has received over 2,600 comments, which is sort of a lot! (By comparison the Louis C.K. IAmA racked up over 9,300 comments total.) The duo made famous by their eponymous CollegeHumor original web series start off by paying their respects to the Reddit community (“We hope we’re doing this right… Any mistakes we are making are purely accidental.”), before answering questions like is Amir scared of what’s going to happen in Prank War 9?” (Answer: “Always.”), did one of the two crash a Hollywood high school prom (Answer: No), if they ever consider pursuing careers outside of CollegeHumor, (Answer: Odds are they won’t stay at CollegeHumor forever), and more.

It’s the kind of thing every Jake and Amir fan should read and a great supplement for even the most thorough, entertaining, and awesome of on-camera Jake and Amir video interviews (like the one below).


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