Making a Twitter account, a Tumblr blog, or a coffee table book with a single premise that’s easy to execute multiple times is difficult but doable. Turning that Twitter account, Tumblr blog, or coffee table book into a live-action television or web series can be more challenging. What works when confined to the real estate of 140 characters or a small caption, doesn’t easily translate when given the wide expanse of longer forms of entertainment. That’s especially true for one-liners. You Might Be a Redneck jokes have laid a strong foundation for at least one comedian’s career, but they haven’t been the basis for any major motion pictures or television programs.

The creators of Shit Girls Say know this. And that’s why they’re trying to mix their web series up.

The first two installments of Toronto-based filmmakers Graydon Sheppard and Kyle Humphrey’s Twitter-turned-online-original about terribly ordinary things humans without a Y chromosome are prone to communicate feature cuts of Sheppard doing his best Kids-in-the-Hall-in-women’s-clothes impression while reciting banal expressions poached from pages of his tweets. They’re great.

The third installment features Sheppard in two scenarios at a bar with twinsie Juliette Lewis. The pair fight about who’s the bestest and talk at each other for a few. It good, too, but it’s gotten almost double the amount of Dislikes on YouTube as Episode 2 with nearly 1/15th the amount of Likes, which means fans don’t dig it nearly as much as the originals.

I think that’s okay. Sheppard and Humphrey realize that a one-note web series can only last for so many episodes, so they’re trying to diversify their entertainment options early. Instead of a handful of installments with Graydon reciting hackneyed lines in common locales, he and Humphrey mix it up so their series can potentially have a life span beyond whatever the normal age is for an entertainment property comprised of repeating one-liners in varied scenarios.

Sheppard and Humphrey told me over e-mail they will release at least one, maybe two more installments of Shit Girls Say. And just in case you’re wondering, their mothers and sisters love the series, though they want credit for the use of their lines.

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