‘Epic Meal Time’ Makes TV Pilot for G4

By 12/19/2011
‘Epic Meal Time’ Makes TV Pilot for G4

Harley Morenstein broke the news in early November via Twitter and Lacey Rose at The Hollywood Reporter just reminded everyone Epic Meal Time shot a television pilot for G4.

The original web series about wouldn’t-be cooks from Quebec who use unbelievable amounts of bacon and other carnivore-friendly fare in their gross-but-enticing kitchen creations made its first debut on the gamer, male, and ninja-oriented cable TV network via Attack of the Show back in March 2011. Since then, Epic Meal Time’s creator and Sauce Boss Harley Morenstein made at least one in-person appearance on ATS before announcing the TV pilot and reassuring fans there will still be weekly online episodes of Epic Meal Time, the EMT crew will not be tamed by television, and in the G4 version you can expect more bacon and ladies.

Rose reports the pilot will be produced by “Comcast Entertainment Studios, with Jay James (Guliana & Bill, The Soup), Gregory Heller, KP Anderson (The Soup, Web Soup) and Morenstein attached as executive producers.”


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On the online video front, new media studio Revision3 is still Epic Meal Time’s network of choice. Here’s what Ryan Vance, Revision3 VP of Programming, had to say about the television iteration of EMT:

“We’re excited for the guys, and for the brand to expand onto any and all platforms. Should G4 decide to pick up the series, we’d look for ways to work together on cross promotion.  However, we’re going to stay focused on the digital side of the Epic Meal Time business, which is separate from TV.”

Since signing with Revision3, Epic Meal Time has become one of (if not) the fastest-growing online video channel of all-time and boasts its own line of branded bacon-flavored cooking and adult products.

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