Broadway Video is a 32-year-old media production and distribution company owned by the creator of Saturday Night Live, the inspiration for Dr. Evil, and the comedy industry’s most powerful individual, Lorne Michaels. It’s responsible for such television and film programs as SNL, 30 Rock, Kids in the Hall, and MacGruber. It’s also responsible for a new original web series about an enterprising young lady with child-bearing hips and an outer borough Italian accent.

I Wanna Have Your Baby stars and is scribed by SNL-writer and Upright Citizens Brigader Christine Nangle. The comedy revolves around the workplace of Nagle’s Dolores Santangeli, a charmingly upbeat surrogate mother with a charmingly less upbeat office assistant (played by fellow UCBer Gavin Speiller), a great smile, an even better attitude, and a constant stream of crazy clientele looking to rent some real estate in her womb.

SNL cast members Vanessa Bayer and Taran Killam and other NYC-based comedians join Nangle and Speiller on screen in the series that views more or less like an SNL skit, but better. Each episode is preceded by a quick intro explaining the shows’ outlandish premise before the comfortable awkward conversations about surrogacy and conception begin. It’s that comfortable awkwardness that makes I Wanna Have Your Baby worth watching.

Nangle’s created seriously absurd characters, but not one of them possess the level of self awareness needed to realize the great extent of that absurdity. Everyone’s happy to be in an environment where ghosts can help conceive babies, modern fertilization science involves turkey basters, and a woman’s baby bump can double as a drink holder. While you watch, it’s difficult not to feel happy, too. And at a running time of three-minutes-or-less, each installment is over before the premise has an opportunity to venture into any tired territory.

I Wanna Have Your Baby is the second original web series we’ve seen backed by Michaels’ Broadyway Video. The first was created by and stars another SNL writer Michael Patrick O’Brien. His in-the-closet celebrity interview series 7 Minutes in Heaven debuted back in July.

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