Last year it was a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig. More specifically, it was a quail, in a Cornish hen, in a chicken, in a duck, in a turkey, in a pig, all layered, deboned, held together with veal and pork sausage meat, filled with bacon stuffing, lathered in a Jack Daniels glaze, and covered in candied bacon strips. It was baked, then smoked, then garnished with Wendy’s Baconators, then eaten.

This year it’s the same thing. Except times 10.

Harley Morenstein, Sterling Toth, Muscles Glasses and the rest of the Canadian crew of gonzo food pornographers otherwise known as Epic Meal Time have grossly expanded on their Turbacon creation of 2010 and conceived of a new culinary monstrosity dubbed the Turbaconepicentipede. It’s a bunch of Turbacons lined up in a row, positioned like the characters in Tom Six’s biological gross out horror flick.

The calorie count of the Turbaconepicentipede totals 802,420. That’s enough consumable energy to feed 13 fully-grown men a USDA-approved diet for one month. It’s also enough food to throw what looks to be one helluva party with some of the biggest names in YouTube (including Smosh, Hannah Hart, Jenna Marbles, CorridorDigital, Jimmy Wong, The Fine Bros., and more).

Epic Meal Time’s success is accelerating in step with its rising caloric intake. The channel hit a total of one million YouTube subscribers last June, just about 260 days after its launch (which is shortest amount of time in which any channel’s crossed the seven-figure mark). Now, just 155 days or so later, Epic Meal Time is on the verge of gaining its two millionth subscriber. That’s at a rate of around 6,000 subscribers per day over the last five months, as opposed to the 4,000 subscribers per day the channel gained on its initial climb to one million.

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