Speaking of online videos featuring the workout techniques of humans who populate the socioeconomic class of ‘super fit,’ the now seemingly fallible, but still in very good shape Filipino politician and professional boxer Manny Pacquiao will teach you how to get the Vitruvian Man body and those washboard abs you always wanted.

Pacquiao is the latest in a roster of professional sports figures to be featured in the Yahoo original web series Elite Athlete Workouts. The program is exactly what the title suggest. Cameras follow Olympians and NFL, NBA, boxing, and UFC stars (like Apolo Anton Ohno, Larry Fitzgerald, Rudy Gay, Floyd Mayweather, and Georges St. Pierre), documenting particularly peculiar, rigorous, or interesting parts of their workout routines while viewers learn about their diet and caloric intakes, as well as what drives them to be the best ice skater / wide receiver / shooting guard / pound for pound boxer / mixed martial artist they can be.

The installments are all set to a bold Conquest of Paradise-y soundtrack, meant both to connote some gravitas on the subject matter and inspire you to get away from your computer screen and into the gym. If you’re a sports fan or interested to see what specimens in possession of an incredibly active human body do to maintain their athletic prowess, give this Yahoo series a watch.

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