Keep it Short: 15-Second Videos Rule for Brands

By 11/03/2011
Keep it Short: 15-Second Videos Rule for Brands

Jun Group is a self-proclaimed “premier social video company and the partner of choice for Fortune 500 brands, major entertainment companies, and media agencies” when those Fortune 500 Brands, major entertainment companies, and media agencies need an entity that can “guarantee millions of user-initiated video views on social networks, mobile devices, and YouTube.”

So, what does that mean? Let’s say you’re a household brand name that created a shiny online video with your Madison Avenue advertising agency and are now looking to distribute that video across social media networks with the intent to increase the number of fans on your Facebook page. Jun Group is one of the myriad companies you or your Madison Avenue advertising agency may call in order to help you (by way of their analytics and expertise) in the distribution of your video to ensure it has the desired effect.

So, how does Jun Group differentiate itself from the other myriad companies that kinda sorta do the same thing? By a lot of idiosyncratic and more macro ways, I’m sure. But for the purposes of this article Jun Group differentiates itself by accumulating and interpreting a healthy amount of social video research and translating that social video research into a sort of visually appealing infographic that makes for a great piece of marketing material.

Jun Group compiled data from a sample of more than 13 million user-initiated video views of “social video campaigns created for Fortune 500 brands across a number of vertical categories” between January 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011. Here are some highlights of their findings:

  • You like to watch funny videos. Four out of 10 campaigns were considered to be comedic in some way shape or form and when viewers watched those comedic vidoes, they were three times more likely to click to a brand’s Facebook page after viewing than viewers who watched videos that were not so funny.
  • Celebrities may not be able to drive the kind of engagement people think they can. One out of every 10 social video campaigns feature a TV or movie personality, but those videos drive 12 percent fewer visits to brands’ Facebook pages than videos without celebs.
  • You like to do what a video tells you to do if the video is 15 seconds or less. Fifteen-second-or-less videos account for only 10 percent of all social video, but they produce the best click-through rates. They’re 153% more effective than their 16-second to one-minute counterparts.

Check out the infographic below for more fun social video facts: