The Monogamy Experiment stars actress/director Amy Rider (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) and is a unique mockumentary/documentary hybrid that intertwines a scripted comedy with real interviews.

The scripted action begins when Rider’s character and that character’s boyfriend Nigel (Brayden Pierce) visit a relationship counselor and – yadda yadda yadda – the couple then begins a 30-day open relationship (which, these days, is all the rage).

“I thought it’d be interesting (and funny) to make a mockumentary where you take a committed monogamous couple and throw them in a situation where they have to test out 30 days of an open relationship,” Rider said over e-mail. “But while I wanted to do a mockumentary, I felt like there’s a big social relevancy in the subject matter that I didn’t want to get lost in the whole comedy and mockumentary aspect.”

And in order to not get lost in the whole comedy and mockumentary aspect, Rider points the camera towards an impressive list of television actors, who sit down for one-on-one interviews to discuss their vantage points on intimacy and relationships. Those television actors include Brian Krause (Charmed), James Kyson-Lee (Heroes) and Amy’s The Secret Life of the American Teenager co-stars Camille Winbush and Renee Olstead.

“They were all so game,” said Rider. “They understood the nature of just creating random stuff and putting stuff out there. None of them are divas.” And the real interviews offer a nice thought-provoking balance to the loving, but bickering fictional on-screen relationship of Amy and Riley.

The series was “shot within a tight knit group of friends” and it’s obvious to any viewer that said tight knit group of friends had a helluva lot of fun making it. “The initial goal was always just to get off our butts and create something fun,” admitted Rider.

The fast-paced program consisting of a 17-episode first season with new episodes released every Monday. If you want a quick, fresh series to watch, or you’re trying to give your significant other the hint that you think a sprinkling of infidelity isn’t such a terrible thing, click on over and give The Monogamy Experiment a try.

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