Adrian Grenier’s Web Series Gets Distribution at 35,000 Feet

By 08/24/2011
Adrian Grenier’s Web Series Gets Distribution at 35,000 Feet

Entourage star Adrian Grenier started SHFT in 2009 with producer Peter Glatzer and Stonyfield Farm founding partner Gary Hirshberg. The website is a good-looking “down to earth vehicle through which people can easily ‘shift their lifestyle, shift outlooks’ for the good of the planet.” Grenier calls it a place where sound ethics and good taste converge. Take a look at the articles highlighting and discussing global and local environmental issues, the eco-friendly products shop, and especially the original programming featuring things green and you’ll see he’s not so far off.

SHFT features no less than five original enviro-centric web series, from PSAs looking at recent environmental policy to art and food in LA to an exploration of NYC’s urban gardens to Brooklyn eco-conscious culture to big name bands that try to make their tours green. You can catch them all at, except for that last one. That last one you can watch on Virgin America, too.

Lighten Up – featuring acts like Grenier’s own The Honey Brothers, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Brazilian Girls, Moby, and more discussing how they reduce carbon emissions on the road – is one of the latest original web series to be added to Virgin America’s Red In-Flight Entertainment line-up as part of the the airline’s revamped and recharged programming slate announced earlier this week.

Hulu’s A Day in the Life (featuring Virgin America’s own Richard Branson) and an original Red HOT travel destinations show will also join Lighten Up as entertainment options for Virgin America passengers. But of course, original web shows on Virgin America flights are nothing new. Boing Boing TV and Revision3 have had channels on the Red in-flight entertainment system since the airline’s inception.