Gymkhana is a motorsport where a driver with no concept of human mortality must maneuver by way of reversals, 180 and 360 degree spins, figure 8s, a helluva lot of drifting, and other advanced stunt driving skills through a course peppered with obstacles as fast as he or she can. It’s kinda like parkour but with a car.

DC Shoes is a an American clothing manufacturer that specializes in bulky but comfortably footwear for skateboarders, extreme athletes, and those that want to dress like skateboarders or extreme athletes. Ken Block is the 43-year-old co-founder of DC Shoes, professional rally driver, three-time X Games Rally Car Racing medalist, current Chief Brand Officer of DC Shoes, Gymkhana enthusiast, and the star of one of the best brand sponsored web series on the internet.

It started on April 6, 2009 when the YouTube channel for DC Shoes uploaded a bonus video of Ken Block having fun on a Gymkhana course driving a 2,000+ pound vehicle around and around an actual living human being riding a Segway, in addition to other tricks the motocross kids are doing these days. Gymkhana Two followed on June 1, 2009, marketing Ken Block’s new Rally TeamWorks Collection by drifting around and through abandoned warehouses and construction vehicles. The two part Gymkhans Three debuted on August, 24, 2010 with a music video by Cool Kids followed by Block navigating steep banks on a 1924 Paris roadway.

Gymkhana Four debuted this week after anticipation and hype by such onlinee video hotshots like Epic Meal Time. It’s very Hollywood. Literally.

The latest installment in the series was shot over five days by director Ben Conrad (Zombielnad, 30 Seconds or Less) at Universal Studios, Califronia. It features an opening title sequence that references all the movies you’ve ever seen and Block blazing through the studio’s backlots showing off his signature brand of mesmerizing driving amidst a number of special and pyrotechnic effects.

In just three days the video’s accumulated 3.9+ million views on YouTube alone, adding to DC Shoes reported worldwide total of 110 million views for all Ken Block’s Gymkhana videos across all their online distribution channels. If you haven’t seen the above, be sure to add a view or two to that number. The video is definitely worth a watch.

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