LIVE and Beyond YouTube @ the Tubefilter Meetup

By 08/10/2011
LIVE and Beyond YouTube @ the Tubefilter Meetup

And we’re LIVE from the Tubefilter Meetup in Hollywood, California.

Earlier this year we brought you one helluva discussion about the ins and outs of making it on YouTube from some of the best YouTubers and former YouTubers in the business. And for the current installment of the Tubefilter Meetup we’re taking that conversation to its next logical step.

We all know building an audience on YouTube is crucial to many successful online video businesses, but what’s beyond YouTube? How do successful online video creators leverage and exploit their creations outside of the world’s largest video sharing site?

Per usual, we have a stellar lineup of online video professionals for our panel, dripping with new media experience and internet knowhow, to answer those questions. Our very own Drew Baldwin will be moderating a group of individuals who need no introduction. The Annoying Orange creator Dane Boedigheimer, Mahalo and This Week In CEO Jason Calcanis, CJP Digital Media Founder Wilson Cleveland, Director of Content Partnerships Barrett Garese, and Collective Digital Studio’s Dan Weinstein.

Not in the audience in Hollywood tonight? No problem! Our good friends at Stickam have provided a live stream of the event, which you can tune into below or watch on Facebook. And if you have a question, feel free to shout it out in the chat room or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll do our best to get at least one or two questions answered from the ones we receive from the viewers at home.

Many thanks to all those who made it out to the Tubefilter Hollywood Meetup, everyone watching live and online, our Meetup Sponsor Sidereel and our Community Sponsors Alphabird,, and SAG New Media for making this event possible.