VidCon 2011 is here kids, and that means online video’s version of Comic-Con is upon us once again. Huzzah!

This year’s LA-based Con is a three day event, the first of which this Thursday shines a focus on the online video industry itself, examining the business models, players and opportunities facing our industry in 2011 and the years ahead. Friday and Saturday on the other hand are geared toward the community and fans that actually devour—and create—the explosion in web shows.

Now if you were lucky enough to score a ticket to VidCon this year before it sold out in record time, then it’s time to start pouring over the agenda and making some tough choices of what to hit up. All of this madness of videomaking fun goes down at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza in Century City. Did we mention there’s a Nerf gun room?

There’s panels and sessions on everything from tripping out your camera gear, to connecting with the camera to crafting the best headlines for your work. And heaps of top video stars will be on hand performing—Shane Dawson, iJustine, MysteryGuitarMan, Philip DeFranco, The Vlog Brothers and countless more. VidCon founders John and Hank Green like to say, “it’s basically a chance for people in this new world to get together to have a good time, learn stuff, hang out, and help online video get bigger and better.”

Now, picking our favorite panels and sessions this year is like asking a Duggar to pick their favorite child, so make sure to take a good look at the full agenda that’s now posted online. First, I have to plug two panels that I’m speaking on.

Thursday July 28 – 4:35 PM in the Olympic Ballroom:

Going It Alone or Teaming Up: The Pros and Cons of Signing With the Video Powerhouses

Description: As video platforms like YouTube mature, more and more creators are combining forces, rolling up channels, and joining with companies that promise to grow their audience and revenues much faster than before. Are the days of the hard-working independent video star limited? We’ll look at the current crop of leading options for creators, discuss the pro’s and con’s of signing a deal with one of the companies, and what lies in store for the independent video creators.

Marc Hustvedt, Co-founder, Tubefilter (moderator)
Al Thompson, ValDean Entertainment: Johnny B. Homeless
Ryan Vance, Head of Programming, Revision3
Matt Lewis, Creator, Video Game Reunion
Sarah Evershed, President, The Cloud Media
Philip DeFranco, Founder, DeFranco Creative

And if you need any more reasons to get pumped about this, check out our Top 10 VidCon moments from last year.

Friday July 29, 2:10 PM

Secrets of the World’s Best Headline Writers

Description: Picking headlines that will make your audience click. A look at top magazine cover lines and how those lessons can be applied to titling your episodes. Plus secrets of picking, creating engaging images for thumbnails. Could even be an interactive session where real Youtube episodes are identified, and headlines are brainstormed for that – along with thumbnails and tags.

Jim Louderback CEO, Revision3
Marc Hustvedt, Co-founder, Tubefilter
Shay Carl, shaycarl
Charles Trippy, charlestrippy
Christie D’Zurilla, Blogger, LA Times

Couldn’t score a ticket this year? Fret not, there will naturally be tons of video coming out of this year’s Con, much of that from us at Tubefilter. And next year, VidCon is heading to a much larger venue at the Anaheim Convention Center (home of BlizzCon amongst others), so passes should be easier to come by.

YouTube, Maker Studios, and Pepsi came on as the lead sponsors this year, with a handful of other companies from Revision3 to DistrictLines all supporting as well. Tubefilter will be there covering every day of VidCon, and shooting video interviews with creators. (If you’re at VidCon interested in being interviewed by us, just email us at news[at]

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