If it seems like we’ve been covering EpicMealTime a lot on Tubefilter, that’s because we have. And we have because of a few reasons:

  1. The trio Canadian carnivores Harley Morenstein, Alex Perrault, and Sterling Toth create compelling content for culinary connoisseurs and your everyday lover of glutton. As their tagline goes, “We make dreams come true. Then we eat them,” which is accurate. Because if you didn’t dream of animals stuffed in animals stuffed in animals stuffed in animals stuffed in animals and Baconators – lots of Baconators – before you watched the program, you definitely will after.
  2. The show is popular. By our accounts it’s the fastest YouTube channel ever to reach one million subscribers, a feat it accomplished in no more than nine months.
  3. EpicMealTime is entertaining, especially when done live.

And now you can add another reason for our coverage of the series. EpicMealTime is now bigger than Justin Bieber. At least on YouTube.

The channel featuring gonzo gastronomical concoctions is up to 1.3 million YouTube subscribers, jumping  past Kidrahul’s 1.28 million. That means in the past month alone EpicMealTime has acquired some 300,000 new YouTube subscribers. That’s a rate of roughly 10,000 subscribers per day. That’s a lot! (During EpicMealTime’s nine-month sprint to 1 million subscribers, they averaged 4,000 new subs per day.)

Here’s what Morenstein had to say about moving past Bieber on the charts:

We actually love the kid and respect what he’s done to the point that his YouTube subscriber numbers were a huge milestone for us. So Bieber gets worldwide fame, millions of dollars and a Segway but EpicMealTime gets YouTube.

I’m sure Morenstein and company will eat to that. Na zdorovie!

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