It’s clear now that Charlie Sheen isn’t secretly taking night courses at the Crispin Glover School of Public Relations or being followed around with a camera by Casey Affleck. Dude is just egomaniacal. Still, the former television star and current Twitterer has at least one redeeming quality. A part of him doesn’t take himself so seriously. At little bit of Sheen knows his tirades, neologisms, awesome and terrible metaphors, and general mania make him look a little silly. And he’s okay with it.

That’s what’s great about the last episode of Annoying Orange. I’m not speaking of any egomaniacal behavior (there’s none of that), but the self-analysis.

Like Sheen or the cast of MTV’s Jersey Shore, creator Dan Boedigheimer and his special guest YouTubers Shay Carl, Charles Trippy, and thewillofdc are aware. They know the heights of popularity one can reach by making an original web series about a talking orange with a penchant for puns is kinda nutty. They realize earning online notoriety and/or a living by uploading autobiographical videos, short comedy films, or video commentaries of those autobiographical videos and short comedy films onto a medium where cat ladies are arbiters of cool and old people doing age inappropriate things are revered is a touch absurd. They understand that operating in an environment where subscribers are a valuable form of currency and “box for box” is an acceptable method of trade can appear a little left of normal. And they’re okay with it.

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