Glenn Beck Leaves Fox Show, Heads Straight to the Web

By 06/30/2011
Glenn Beck Leaves Fox Show, Heads Straight to the Web

One of the best things about the internet is it can be different things for different people.

If you’re an established Hollywood writer/director with time on his or hands because a key cog in the entertainment machine is on strike, you can go online and make a web series with your Hollywood pals. If you’re an individual with spikey hair and a penchant for viral videos who wants no part of the Hollywood system, you can go to the web and make your own way in entertainment. And if you’re a controversial, conservative television host of your own eponymous show on Fox news that was recently cancelled due to its sliding ratings, you can go to the internet to start your very own program outside the uncomfortable confines of the lamestream media.

That last example is about Glenn Beck. Today, the political pundit and media personality aired the final taping of his Fox News show. That show wrapped at 6PM EST. By 6:30PM EST, Beck was live at for a kind of Glenn Beck After the Show alongside Glenn Beck TV correspondent Raj Nair.

Thursday’s special taping was just a precursor of what’s to come. Beck will officially begin his stint behind the camera at GBTV with a live, daily, two-hour Glenn Beck Show starting September 12. If you like watching Beck because you find you agree with his whining, or you like watching Beck because you like to watch him whine (Editor’s Aside: I’d like to point out that I totally call out whiners on both sides of the aisle. Bill Maher can get super annoying when he tries to mock with a high pitch, too.), you can watch him do it on GBTV for the low monthly price of $4.95 per month for regular membership or $9.95 per month for premium membership. The packages include access to the live streaming and HD quality Glenn Beck Show, 30-day on-demand access to the show’s archives, live video footage of Beck’s radio program, plus live coverage from Beck’s worldwide public appearances and a sampling of other conservative programming.

And for all the technophiles in the room, are you guys/gals curious at all about who’s powering the live streaming technology that’s bringing Beck to the online masses? I was, too. Turns out it’s Major League Baseball Advanced Media. Yes, the same company that streamed this year’s Webby Awards. I totally expected MLBAM to get into other forms of entertainment, but I wasn’t exactly expecting that other form of entertainment to be Glenn Beck.