Kyle Myers is a young adult with a natural Southern twang, a bad fake Russian accent, an affinity for video games having to do with modern warfare, and enough munitions to fill the stockroom of The Matrix.

Dude started uploading videos to YouTube of himself playing First Person Shooter (FPS) computer games with hammer-and-sickle-accented English commentary on April 19, 2010. Those screen captures of in game action soon took a lower billing on his YouTube channel to videos of himself debunking Call of Duty: Black Ops myths by way of live demonstrations with 40-some-odd firearms.

Now, Myers aka FPSRussia, just blows things up on camera with weapons even Charlton Heston would admit are ridiculous for a civilian to own. And people watch. A lot!

In just over 14 months since its inception, his YouTube channel just crossed the 1 million subscriber mark in the last 24 hours. That makes for an average of 2,340 or so new subscribers per day and gives Myeres the honor of being the latest addition to the YouTube Seven-Figure Subs club since Epic Meal Time became the fastest channel to become a member late last week.

Myers hasn’t yet received any accolades from David Keene, but I’m sure a commendation will be coming in the near future. God bless America and Russian sniper rifles!

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