Is Epic Meal Time the Fastest YouTube Channel to 1 Million Subscribers?

By 06/21/2011
Is Epic Meal Time the Fastest YouTube Channel to 1 Million Subscribers?

Charlie Sheen hit one million Twitter followers in just two days. His YouTube channel, however, isn’t attracting as many fans. Since the account was created on February 25, 2006, the man who in his own mind is perpetually winning has accumulated some 29,000 subscribers. That’s a lot, but not that many!

The relatively low number speaks both to Sheen’s YouTube strategy (he doesn’t have one) and to how difficult it is for even well-known celebrities to accumulate a substantial subscriber-base on the world’s largest video sharing site. And both are the main reasons why Epic Meal Time hitting the one million subscriber mark in less than nine months is so impressive.

The Canadian alt-culinarians Harley Morenstein, Alex Perrault, and Sterling Toth launched their Powerthirst-fueled gastro lab on September 29, 2010, showcasing at least one video a week that documents the creation and mastication of their mostly meat monstrosities. Today they’re up to 1,033,244 subscribers and counting. That’s an average of nearly 4,000 new subscribers per day. By comparison, the crazy talented filmmaker Freddy Wong crossed the one million YouTube subscriber mark in a little over a year and Toby Turner and his Tobuscus channel waited five years until they were recently accepted into the Seven-Figure Subs club.

Epic Meal Time‘s 260 or so days to get to the one million mark is the fastest we’ve ever seen a YouTube channel reach that many subscribers. If you know a channel that’s done it in less time, for sure let us know.

Congrats to the crews at EMT and Revision3 (the new media studio that signed them back when they only had 600,000+ subs). I would tell you all to eat, drink, and be merry, but it looks like you already got all of that covered.