Some say supercuts are the new sexual fetishes but I fancy them more a charming display of the work of pop culture archaeologists. There exists phenomena and epherma in the world of entertainment that A) you didn’t even know existed and B) when taken one at a time, may appear slightly comical or absurd, though the extent of their comedy or absurdity can only reach certain levels. But, if you take a few dozen instances of a particular phenomena or ephemera and compile them together on top of a decent soundtrack, new heights of comedy and absurdity are easily attained.

Did you know people danced alone to Ginuwine’s Pony? Well, thanks to the hard work of internet archivists, you do now. Do you think Mark Alan Dacascos looks and sounds ridiculous when he announces the secret ingredient on Top Chef America? Me too! How does he look and sound when you watch an edit of him announcing all the secret ingredient announcements? Super ridiculous, I know!

The pop culture analysts / “crafty contrarian linkbaiters” at the online video arm of Slate Magazine just released the latest addition to the supercut library. Money Shots shows the scenes from cooking programs when the chefs or esteemed guests taste their own food and make all the appropriate gesticulations and savory noises expected of them to let the viewers at home know just how good it is to eat whatever it is they’re eating.

Like I said before, you get one clip of Paula Deen mumbling a delighted, “Mmmmmmhmmmmm” with a mouth full of her famous English Peas and you really don’t think anything of it. But put that clip alongside 30 or so other celebrity chefs making vaguely NSFW noises while eating and you have one enlightening (I didn’t think this was weird before, but now I do because people don’t really make those kinds of noises that frequently in real life!) and entertaining piece of content.

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