Corey Moosa, Neal Dodson, and Zachary Quinto (who’ll you recognize as Spock from the Star Trek reboot) are the three actors and producers behind Before the Door Pictures, a production company responsible for at least two feature films, three television series, a couple comic books, a graphic novel, and a decent amount of experimentation in new media.

Here at the Digitas 2011 NewFront Dodson and Quinto took the main stage to announce they’re taking their new media productions from the level of experimentation to sponsor-supported and professional. The vehicle they’re doing it with is called Last Guy on Earth. It looks good.

Quinto plays a suave, post-college, fratastic, dbag who’s sexually aggressive and living on a post-apocalyptic Earth. As the name would suggest, he’s the last individual on the planet with a Y chromosome. And as the story goes, Quinto’s character is desperately trying to procreate with the last individual on the planet who’s female. The problem is she’s not having it.

Dodson and Quinto say installments of the series will explore the varying and increasingly ridiculous methods of Quinto’s character’s courtship, some of which will be strongly influenced by the audience.

The producers also emphasize when your web series takes place after an impact event, you’re literally working with a blank canvas where any kind of product integration is possible. Need a car? There’s a Chevy Volt in the abandoned parking lot that still works. Need someplace to avoid another nuclear explosion? Hurry up and get into that GE fridge in your local area Sears.

Brands that like appealing to men who like hitting on women should give this one a look.

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