A Crowd Funding Campaign We Can All Get Behind

By 05/25/2011
A Crowd Funding Campaign We Can All Get Behind

Since 2009, crowd funding site Kickstarter has funneled a total of $60 million to over 24,000 projects high on creativity but low on cash. Since 2008, crowd funding site Indiegogo has helped raise awareness and millions of dollars to over 24,000 campaigns in 159 countries.

With thousands seeking funding and thousands of thousands of dollars exchanging hands in exchange for credits, cameos, and signed copies of DVDs, it’s time for some savvy comedy troupe to spoof the whole crowd funding phenomena. And the The Vactioneers recently did just that.

You may know the crew comprised of Todd Berger, Kevin Brennan, Jeff Grace, and Blaise Miller from their work on the original web series The Googling (where the search, cloud computing, and internet technology giant actually does do some evil), their indie flick The Scenesters, or that time when they rejected Julia Stiles’ autograph.

But now you’ll also know The Vacationeers from when they asked for your investment donations with a straight face for their feature film about four post-college burnouts who start a surf school in Hawaii (which I think was basically the premise for Season 8 of Real World).

Make sure you watch all the way through and have your checkbooks and applause for The Vacationeers handy.

(And thanks for the tip Lizlet via MrMattEnlow!)