Puppets Explain Blogs (and $10,000 Still Buried in New York)

By 05/23/2011
Puppets Explain Blogs (and $10,000 Still Buried in New York)

What’s better than a gang of goofy puppet pirates leading the online masses on a Gooniesesque adventure through New York City’s five boroughs to find an honest to God buried treasure chest filled with $10,000 in gold coins? How about all of the above in addition to the knowledge said treasure chest is still at large.

The puppeteers behind the cryptic map to childhood fun and adult supplemental income, We Lost Our Gold released the eighth and final episode of the their original web series on September 10, 2010. The program tells the story of a crew of blundering swashbucklers who hid their fortunes only to forget the hiding place. Individuals are meant to watch the story, pick up the clues the pirates are laying down, and venture to some soft spot of earth somewhere in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, or The Bronx with shovels in tow to dig up a real life chest of coins. But no one’s done that last part yet.

While the treasure is still at large, the puppet masters behind the very expensive resume builder (it’s the creators’ own cash that’s buried in that chest) are looking to breathe new life into the hunt without revealing more clues. So, they stuck their hands into two of their old creations, Mario and Fafa the Groundhog, to keep their puppetry on point and get new and old viewers tuned in.

In the Glove and Boots Blog, the odd couple of Mario and Fafa talk shop in weekly installments about whatever comes to mind, be that a summary and examination of the current state of videoblogging or how Ralph Macchio should buy the rights to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air so he can have his kids star in a reboot.

They’re great, for sure, but let’s get back to booty. I recently caught up with one of the unnamed We Lost Our Gold creators to ask him about puppets and where his treasure is at:

Tubefilter: It’s creeping on a year since you released the final episode of We Lost Our Gold. Did you anticipate it would take this long for someone to find the treasure?

We Lost Our Gold: This is a tough question. A lot of people, a lot, didn’t believe that this was for real. We thought they would. The idea that someone would bury money just for the sake of creating an actual buried treasure seemed to have most people doubting our intentions. Honestly, I think the premise came across as some sort of scheme or trick, which was the exact opposite of what we were trying to do.

Frankly, at this point, we’re surprised it hasn’t been found. Plenty of people out there are much smarter than we are. If you watch the videos and enjoy the story that’s unfolding, it should be glaringly obvious where the clues are.

TF: Can you give us any clues? Please!?!

WLOG: I’ll give you a big one.

I believe the person that finds the treasure will have watched and enjoyed the entire series as a story…before sitting down with a thinking cap on, and pen and paper in their hands. I think people are so focused on finding every single clue in the beginning, that they are missing the big picture.

TF: Wow! Any chance for more clues in the future? Or is the We Lost Our Gold canon closed?

WLOG: We are very proud of the We Lost our Gold series, but it is complete.  All the clues are in there.  When we came up with our ‘treasure hunt’ idea, we were so excited we put all our other characters and ideas on hold just to make it happen.  Now it’s inspiring to get back to what we originally had in mind. We definitely aren’t finished with the pirates, but we have many other ideas and concepts we want to explore.

TF: Why puppets?

WLOG: As far as pay, meals, and egos are concerned, they’re very pleasant to work with.

Check out Mario and Fafa on YouTube and take a crack at finding some buried treasure at WeLostOurGold.com.