Jerry Bruckheimer Pitch MeetingA $346 million global take so far, and the fourth-highest worldwide debut ever, should assuage some concerns in the Bruckheimer and Disney camps that they might have taken one too many trips to the Pirates well this past weekend. Its soft $90 million North American opening raised some plucked Hollywood eyebrows, but international fans don’t seem to mind that the franchise’s fool’s gold might be losing its luster.

Hence, it’s time for a good online video spoof to pop up. Sure, YouTube this weekend was awash with spoof videos of the mega-blockbuster—like the Family Guy dubbed version of the trailer—but what made waves in Hollywood circles was a crack at Jerry Bruckheimer himself. Filmmaker Nathan Gotsch whipped up the gem that is “Jerry Bruckheimer Pitch Meeting” and shortly thereafter the video popped up on Nikki Finke Friday, making the industry rounds.

“An exclusive look inside Jerry Bruckheimer Films…kind of.”

“The reaction to the video has been great — all day Friday I was getting reports about different networks, studios, etc. where everyone was watching and talking about the video,” Gotsch tells us. “I also heard a rumor that everyone at Jerry Bruckheimer Films was watching it, and that Jerry had been told about the video, but I have no idea if he has actually seen it yet.”

Something tells us Bruckheimer is in good spirits today after that monster of a weekend, which should help mitigate concerns of any Bruck-back from the spoof. “One of my friends works for someone that Jerry has worked with for a long time, who thought the video was very funny and said he thought Jerry would find it funny as well,” Gotsch adds. “Obviously I hope he’s right and that Jerry has a sense of humor about this—I mean, look—he’s got the number one movie in the world right now (Pirates 4) and we made a little Internet video that some people are tweeting about. I think Jerry wins.”

Sometimes it doesn’t take a full-on web series to show off your creative skills, and Gotsch, who doesn’t regularly make web videos, hopes the attention to the Bruckheimer video will help open some more doors for his career as a creator. Maybe he should give this online video things a more serious look. His previous exploits on YouTube, from back in 2006, were some Congressional campaign commercials for a fictional candidate named Josh Jennings that Gotsch posted online and ended up on CNN, MSNBC and FOX News.

“At the urging of some people in the television business who know what they’re talking about, I developed them into a sitcom called Josh Jennings for Congress and shot the pilot on spec last year,” Gotsch adds. “Right now there’s a cable network that’s very interested in the show and I am hoping the success of ‘Bruckheimer Pitch Meeting’ will open doors at a few other places around town as well.”

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