It’s Easter Weekend! Some individuals are celebrating the resurrection of some 2.1 billion peoples’ messiah by scaring children, invoking Bob Ross to paint eggshells, or gorging on cream-filled, chocolate-sphered bits of deliciousness.

This guy, however, is hunting down choice moving image selections from the online video world to share with reader. After some semi-thoughtful deliberation (people like making videos for Easter a lot more than they like making videos for Passover) here are my top three faves, in no particular order:

Half Way to Halloween

Trick ‘R Treat director Michael Dougherty created this Easter greeting on behalf of the horror-happy people at Fearnet, who wanted a vehicle in which to showcase candy-coated razor blades and roasted rabbits in the middle of Spring. They also needed something to do while counting down the 191 days until their own big holiday filled with the once dead.

Easter – Game Room

Game Room is a twice weekly comedy web series shot from the vantage point of a Microsoft Kinect or Playstation Move-like device. In the ‘Easter’ installment, Carly Anderson does her best Jesus of Nazareth impression in order to level up.

The Easter Bunny Hates You

No Easter video roundup would be complete without this, The Easter Bunny Hates You, the best egg in the basket. It’s the short that originally put the now defunct new media studio Black20 on the map and showed the internet the kick ass side of these fury little guys. Happy viewing and happy holiday!

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