lady-gaga-web-series-transmission-gagavision1Lady Gaga resurrected her web series, Transmission Gagavision, last week after a two year and seven day hiatus. There’s no question she brought her stylized autobivlography back as marketing material leading up to the release of Born this Way, her third studio album set to drop May 23. But there is a question as to whether or not the web series is any good.

So, is it? Any good? Yes! It kind of is!

Transmission Gagavision is reminiscent of the early days of video blogging, when people like Jay Dedman and Clintus McGintus captured the ephemera of everyday life. Gaga does the same thing, except instead of kids falling asleep in shopping carts her everyday life involves emotionally taxing conversations with a protester, debating over which lo-fi graphic design makes a better album cover, dancing, and longing to cuddle with her momma after staying awake for 72 hours straight doing whatever it is international pop stars do.

Celebrities laud online technologies and platforms for enabling new and different kinds of connections with fans, but few take advantage of online video as well as Gaga. Transmission Gagavision is the platonic ideal of the video blog of a famous person. It’s revealing, offering a vantage point mainstream media coverage simply can’t provide. It’s artistic, with Gaga reportedly doing much of the shooting and editing herself. And it’s regularly scheduled, with new episodes dropping each week for the indefinite future.

Transmission Gagavision is popular with Gaga’s 400,000+ YouTube subscribers and 9.3 million Twitter followers, too. Episode 41 is up to 700,000+ views since it went live last week and Episode 42 is up to 170,000+ views since its yesterday debut.

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