when-harry-met-sally-2Billy Crystal released a Funny or Die video. It’s the sequel to When Harry Met Sally. It probably came about from 22 years of protracted conversations between Crystal and Rob Reiner about whether or not to release another chapter of one of the original ‘Can best friends be sex friends?’ romantic comedies and deciding a four-and-a-half-minute short would be more fun and in much better taste.

When Harry Met Sally 2 is really the making of When Harry Met Sally 2 and stars Crystal and Reiner pitching studio executives about where to take the storyline for the movie’s sophomore installment. The execs like what they hear, but want to make a few, minuscule #HollywoodPostItNotes inspired changes, which means, in this case, the addition of vampires and zombies.

The trailers that follow star Crystal and Helen Mirren, and feature Adam Scott, Mike Tyson, Rob Riggle, Maya Rudolph, Jennifer Crystal Foley, Mike O’Malley & Josh Fadem. They’re, basically exactly what you’d expect if Crystal were to take on a role of someone undead. But what’s unexpected is how Crystal promoted the video.

The eight-time Academy Awards host started a Twitter account and appeared as a guest on The Daily Show specifically to market his Funny or Die “film.” Before Crystal walked out to sit behind The Daily Show desk, Jon Stewart introduced him as, “The legendary comedian and actor whose latest venture is a starring role in a Funny or Die video.”

So, one of the most famous comedians and actors in the world who hasn’t been in a theatrical release since Analyze That does a combination of new and old media marketing to promote one of his most significant on camera performances in almost a decade, which happens to be in the form of an online video. Kinda strange, right?

All the hype could be because Crystal’s daughter directed the video and two of his son-in-laws wrote it. Or maybe the 63-year-old is happy to finally join and frolic in the Hollywood’s playground. Either way, it’s interesting to note and see how and when big traditional entertainment names adopt new and social media. The video’s definitely worth a watch, too.

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