annoying-orange-iphone-gameLet’s say you’re the creator of a web series about a particularly irritating piece of anthropomorphic citrus with an aggravating, but addictive pension for puns. Let’s say this web series has 1.75+ million YouTube subscribers (which currently ranks 8th on YouTube the All-Time Subscribed List), 7.7+ million Facebook Fans, and an engaged online audience the likes of which even Ze Frank and Felicia Day have never seen. Let’s also say you want to come up with a product to sell based on the web series that’s financially beneficial for you, fun for fans, and something other than a line of merchandise. There’s an iPhone game for that!

Entertainment management and content company, The Collective partnered with Thruster, the social, gaming, and entertainment division of Bottle Rocket Apps, to bring an interactive iteration of Dane Boedigheimer’s super-popular The Annoying Orange web series to the iPhone and iPad-owning masses

Annoying Orange: Kitchen Carnage is a new take on the classic Paper Toss Game, in which you sling fruit across a “beautifully rendered 3D kitchen.” It’s pretty to look at and just the right amount of difficulty to keep you engaged for absurdly long periods of time. Annoying Orange fans will also appreciate the 40+ “unique voice clips and animations from your favorite series characters!”

Here’s Boedigheimer’s take on Kitchen Carnage, from the press release:

I think this game takes the humor and carnage that you see in the Annoying Orange web series, and transitions it perfectly to a fast paced arcade style game…I’m really excited that people get to experience the carnage that I experience on a daily basis. Oh, and one more thing…KNIFE!

The game’s another recent example of how online content creators are providing entertainment options for their audiences outside the video player. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some agitating fruit to fling.

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