Quick Clicks: Netflix Series, Mike Polk, ‘VGR’, Pants Velour, ‘Ask a Ninja’

By 03/16/2011
Quick Clicks: Netflix Series, Mike Polk, ‘VGR’, Pants Velour, ‘Ask a Ninja’

Mike Polk - Break MediaOnline video and web series news worth clicking today:

Mike Polk’s latest original musical comedy video for Break is out and already over 190,000 views. “She’s Too Good For Everyone” (below) is a musical rant about the curse of the hot chick on men. “This song goes out to all the guys who’ve loved and lost… their dignity, trying to get the hot chick.” The talented Mr. Polk wrote, directed and produced from start to finish. [Break.com]

Netflix is reportedly betting big on an original series directed by David Fincher and starring Kevin Spacey that it will distribute through its live streaming service. Netflix won’t comment on the deal, which is reported to be “a huge investment” in the tens of millions. Just for comparison, Netflix had 20 million US subscribers at the end of 2010 while HBO had just under 30 million. [Business Insider, WSJ]

Video Game Reunion, Atom’s latest major web series is off to a strong start hitting the #1 most watched on Atom before the end of its first week. Total unique content views are around 400,000 when adding up all the players across all platforms including GameTrailers.com and ComedyCentral.com as well as mobile views. [VGR on Atom]

Adam Savage, host of Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters drops in for a ‘Ninterveriew’ on the latest Ask a Ninja episode (below) out today. The Ninterview format gently shifts the Ninja into talk show host realm, begging the question will he drop the green screen for a ninja couch? [Ask a Ninja on YouTube]

This guys just loves animated movies, enough to make a whole web series reviewing just them. His series Hewy’s Animated Movie Reviews is already on its fourth season, with the opening ep (below) taking on the disappointing Elton John ballad Gnomeo & Juliet. Check out his opening title sequence, for a minute there I thought the whole thing was going to be animated. [Hewy’s]

HealthiNation has launched four new health-focused web shows—The Essentials, Simple Smoothies, nutrition makeover series Kitchen Crashers and Babyhood Basics covering health issues for toddlers. (Too bad they aren’t embeddable or we would include one here.) [Cynopsis]

Personally, I’m over Charlie Sheen now. But then comes this new video (below) from Pants Velour, a rock set up with a hip hop frontline that some, possibly themselves, are calling the “pop version of the Fugees.” The parody cover of Wiz Khalifa’s “Black and Yellow,” is called “Charlie Sheen: Always Winning (Black And Yellow Remix)” and is worth one more dive into the cesspool of #notwinning pop culture references to see their skills in action. It’s the first celeb parody for them since they roasted Spencer Pratt back in 2009. [Pants Velour on YouTube]

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