Peter Shukoff uploads music video renditions of his comedic, singer-songwriter stylings to YouTube under the pseudonym Nice Peter. It’s something the Rochester-born, School of the Arts-educated actor and musician has done since October 2009 to more than moderate success.


Shukoff ranks amongst the Top 100 YouTube Musicians with 257,000+ subscribers and counting. Some of those individuals tune into catch his songs about a Santa who’s the product of a less privileged upbringing and how a 200-year foreign policy strategy of isolation could render the Japanese people a little weird, but a lot more come to watch the Epic Rap Battles of History.

It stared with John Lennon spitting rhymes of peace and love at Bill O’Reilly and his Right Wing machine. Next came the leader of the Third Reich vs. the leader of the Galactic Empire followed by unexpected historical and pop cultural pairings that first appear a little absurd, but are all the more awesome because in your countless, hypothetical who-would-win-in-a-fight arguments, you’ve never paired up individuals like Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin, Hulk Hogan and Kim Jong-il, nor Abraham Lincoln and Chuck Norris.

Celebrate Honest Abe’s birthday and Presidents Day in true, YouTube fashion by watching Lincoln talk smack to the only man who can strangle you with a cordless phone. If the battle stirs in you a desire to see other famous individuals settle their scores by talkin’ smack over a hip-hop beat, head to Nice Peter’s Facebook page and make a suggestion of who should face off in the next Epic Rap Battle of History.

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