Top 3 'Top Viral Video' Videos of 20102010 hasn’t been the best year for movies (at least in terms of comedy), but it’s been great for the internet. For the first time in the history of the medium, the average American is surfing the web for as many hours as he or she sits in front of the TV and at least 172,343,000 denizens of the US are consuming some form of online video every month.

So, what have we all been watching? The following three videos answer that question with aplomb. Pieced together by some of the largest entities and most astute minds in internet pop culture today, here are the best videos that culled together the best videos uploaded to the internet in the past year. The Top 3 Viral Video Videos of 2010 are:

Videogum – The Best Viral Videos of 2010: A Retrospective

Gabe Delahaye is entertainment site Videogum’s numba one stunna, mastermind behind what’s essentially become catnip for the pop culturally aware and comedy cool crowd, and golden child of online video ephemera. He’s also one helluva editor. Here is his masterfully put together retrospective of the videos of the past 12 months that made us laugh, cringe, and feel an immediate urge to share them with people on the internet we may or may not know in 140 characters or less.

Gawker.TV – The Top 100 Videos of 2010 in 170 Seconds

Richard Blakely and his small army of assistant editors and interns post all the must-see clips from yesterday’s television and today’s internet under the banner of one of the internet’s most popular and influential news sites. Gawker.TV really came into it’s own this year with its comprehensive coverage of the NBC-Conan-Leno Tonight Show debacle. Ever since, the site has been a trusted source in matters of things relevant and funny in the wold of moving pictures. Here’s their video list of the best online videos of 2010, in under three minutes.

YouTube Rewind 2010: Year in Review

When calculating which videos to include in a Best of list, it’s sometimes beneficial to leave your human emotions out of the equation. That’s the idea behind YouTube’s latest destination for things YouTube, YouTube Trends. Kevin Allocca looks at all the viewing data 145 million+ YouTube users generate every month, and produces stats-heavy posts with his findings. The above is a look at the no-questions-asked, definitive list of the Top 10 Most Watched Videos in 2010.

Happy New Years. And here’s to more things awesome and entertaining in online video in 2011.

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