Stick Figures Can Be Dicks

By 12/28/2010
Stick Figures Can Be Dicks

Mondo Media is known for creating cartoons not necessarily safe for kids. The company’s flagship online entertainment property features a rotating cast of adorable furry characters who have their mortal coils shuffled in the most gruesome, cringe-inducing ways depictable in candy-colored tones.

Since 2000, the good animators of Happy Tree Friends have killed a yellow rabbit named Cuddles, a pink skunk named Giggles, a dopey blue moose named Lumpy, and other cuddly, anthropomorphic animals more times than Cutty Rank could conceive.

The show’s developed quite a following over the past decade and evolved into a mini-franchise, spawning a branded production studio, an ad network, a lucrative merchandise arm and one crudely drawn, seriously entertaining web series about two stick figures with attitude.


Mondo Media’s Dick Figures is the latest iteration of one of the internet’s most lovable themes: making images originally designed for games of Hangman look awesome. The web series follows in the footsteps of Animator vs. Animation, Atom’s Stickman Exodus, and the genius that is XKCD, and features rough lines representing humans exhibiting very human characteristics in ridiculous situations.

Red and Blue are the stars. They’re two dysfunctional friends in what I’m guessing is the post-college phase of their stick figure lives. Their actions are age appropriate. The two like to autotune, hit on ladies, play video games, drink a lot, and avoid a ninja raccoon.

The talented Ed Skudder created, wrote, directed, and voiced (along with Zack Keller) the whole of Dick Figures. If you like being entertained, you’d be remiss not to watch his work.