Revision3’s Bytejacker, a bi-weekly web series dedicated to discovering independent and downloadable video games, is the inspiration behind Bitejacker, an 8-bit video game from indie programming outfit Secret Base.


News of the new game, developed by Singapore-based Raymond Teo, first broke on IndieGames (and, surprisingly, not Bytejacker itself) back in November. Players of this Flash-based arcade shooter can either be Bytejacker host Anthony Carboni, or cameraman Jon Rivera as they attempt to rescue survivors from being torn apart by flesh-eating zombies who have taken over their hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

“Get ready for fun, blood and laughter as you join the host, Anthony Carboni and cameraman, Jon Rivera against endless waves of zombies, aliens and monsters, in this bizarre world of zombie apocalypse. Pick up deadly weapons, hone your skills and look for survivors. Help them, lead them, fight with them. Indie cameos, horror spoof and retro parody, all pack in one,” reads the description from the official game trailer on Secret Base’s YouTube channel.

“The game is a zombie shooter, with 3 basic objective[s], which is to kill zombies, rescue survivors and collect coins… because apparently, that’s what all heroes do,” Teo writes on the Secret Base blog. “There’s no complicating rescue mission or anything like that though, nor is it the usual zombie shooter like the boxhead series or minigore (though both being my reference at some point), but in turn, a more retro “arcadey” gameplay like Ikari warriors or Gun Smoke, where the players are consistently moving upwards for the exit.”

The trailer is edited by Rivera and features original music from HyperDuck.

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