Pays Content Creators $10 to $15 CPMs

By 12/23/2010 Pays Content Creators $10 to $15 CPMs

YouTube isn’t the only online video sharing site advertising their payouts to content creators this holiday season. sent out a greeting earlier today to its extensive network of new media producers, explaining how the company is in a unique position to stuff their stockings with some extra cash.

Blip is promising content creators “$10 per 1,000 views, with some shows making as much as $15 per thoursand views.” It’s a solid CPM, especially when you consider Blip splits ad revenue 50/50 with its video creators. That means the company itself is pulling in CPMs in the $20 to $30 range. (By comparison, Hulu reportedly sells $35 to $80 CPMs against major motion picture films and premium network television shows.)

“All the evidence I have is anecdotal,” Evan Gotlib, Blip’s VP of Sales told me over the phone, “but show creators keep telling us we’re offering the best CPMs and revenue shares on the web.”

If you’re an online video uploader and want to get as great a piece of Blip’s action as possible, it’s essential for you to turn all three of blip’s advertising pods – pre-roll, overlay, and post-roll – into the “on” position. It’s also necessary you keep uploading new content. We’re currently in the final days of Blip’s biggest advertising quarter yet, but Gotlib told me Q1 (traditionally a slow quarter in the advertising world) for 2011 is also on pace to make some big payouts.

But what’s most important are the views. Produce engaging material, market it well, and soon one of those multi-figure payout checks – the kind that get sent to Blip’s big content creators,  like the Nostalgia Critic and the team behind Red vs. Blue – may end up in your hands.