Youtube may not be the internet’s social network with the most sophisticated commenters, but it’s commenters are certainly the most active.

The Top Ten Most Discussed YouTube videos of 2010 elicited more than 1,486,000 critiques, constructive criticisms, racial slurs, repeated lines of dialogue, LOLs, emoticons, and other textual observations left by viewers so moved by what they say they had to leave a remark.

redheads-comments-youtubeTwo of the Top 10 Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2010 made the Most Discussed list (Bed Intruder Song and Double Rainbow), showing that you need something more than a catchy pop song, hit web show, or highly anticipated movie trailer to incite feedback and review. Unless of course the catchy pop sing is sung by a 13-year-old Texan (#2 Most Discussed at 177,000 comments), the hit web show stars Ryan Higa (#3 at 171,000), and the move trailer is part of the Harry Potter franchise (#10 at 87,000).

If topping the YouTube’s Most Discussed charts in 2011 is part of your New Year’s resolution, take a play out of CopperCab’s playbook. Start watching South Park. Find a minority group that’s the main object of derision in an episode. Make sure you’re a member of said minority group. Record an impassioned, semi-hysterical plea, stating why whatever South Park said about your minority group is wrong. Watch the comments come inRepeat.

Two current events-related videos rounded out YouTube’s Most Discussed of the year – No Mosque at Ground Zero (#4 at 153,000) and Collateral Murder – Wikileaks Iraq (#8 at 103,000). It’s comforting that, given the internet’s affinity for Bieber and memes, videos discussing major news topics made it on the list at all.

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