Today’s TV show theme songs are shorter, simpler, and far less informative than their wordy, descriptive, clip show progenitors. If you’re nostalgic for 60-second long introductions with poppy, literal theme music, presenting and explicitly defining characters and actions on screen, you’ll have to navigate away from the television and towards a web series featuring the likeness of a 30-year-old Brazilian supermodel.

Gisele Bündchen is the star of Gisele and the Green Team, an animated AOL web series from A Squared Entertainment. The program is a candy-colored reincarnation of Captain Planet. The early 90’s cartoon favorite featured five individuals wearing five magic rings, who – with their powers combined – could summon a superhuman force and protect the planet from ecological villains like Hoggish Greedly and Tony Hayward.

gisele-and-the-green-teamIn Gisele and AOL’s version, the five individuals are all svelte ladies working in a swank fashion store, their five magic rings are five magic gems, and the superhuman force they summon transforms all of them into the Green Team, mighty morphin‘ style. The ladies collectively use each of their unique abilities (telepathy, telekinesis, remote viewing, foresight, and earth memory in leiu of earth, wind, fire, water, and heart) to battle the likes of Nick Slick, a well-dressed corporate type who’s more interested in another kind of green.

At the end of each installment, Animated Gisele directly addresses the camera in a Knowing is Half the Battle-type segment to inform viewers about environmental issues and where they can find more information.

A Squared Productions found all of its eco-information from the United Nations Enviornment Programme. The organization helped A Squared develop storylines for the web series by identifying the 26 most important issues around the world, all of which will be covered in the first 26-episode season of Gisele and the Green Team.

AOL and A Squared have also teamed up on two other animated online original programs with household celebrity names. The Secret Millionaire’s Club stars the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, and Martha and Friends features domestic icon, Martha Stewart.

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