Booming, Poised for Biggest Quarter Yet

By 10/14/2010 Booming, Poised for Biggest Quarter Yet

blip-quarter-checksIt’s check week at The online video hosting, distribution, and advertising network splits ad revenue 50/50 with content creators who upload shows to its platform. Every quarter, it sends out payments. On Monday, blip cut a check to a single show in the amount of $143,000.

And that’s not even the company’s biggest news this week. Blip co-founder and CEO, Mike Hudack announced his “next-generation television network” is poised to have its biggest, most lucrative quarter yet.

Site traffic is up 14% in the past two weeks alone and more advertisers are coming on board than ever before. “Every quarter for us is bigger,” Hudack said over the phone as he explained the simple formula for blip’s growth. “The advertising works and we help sell more products. The more advertisers you sign up and the more you help them sell products, the more they stick around. If you do all that, every quarter is your biggest quarter yet.”

Hudack wants all online video content creators to get in on this year’s Q4 action. A laundry list of brands (including Columbia Sportswear, EA Games, Samsung, Reebok, Kraft, Starbucks, Canon, Zappos, American Express, and Microsoft) are ready to advertise on your show, all you have to do is use the player and flip the pre-roll-or-overlay-ads switch to on. Now, more than ever before, Hudack sees this as an opportune “moment to take make independent show production truly sustainable….to take hobbies and turn them into businesses.”

Although Hudack was hesitant to give me any hard numbers, he did say that for a growing number of people shows are becoming full-time jobs. “We’re at the beginning of what’s happened with the music industry,” Hudack said. “It’s easier than ever before to make a living as a musician without labels, and the exact same thing is happening in television.”