Pitch Your Web Video Project at Digital Hollywood!

By 10/11/2010
Pitch Your Web Video Project at Digital Hollywood!

Digital Hollywood - Tubefilter

We at Tubefilter are teaming up with Digital Hollywood and the DH Content Summit to run the Pitch Camp session this year, and we’re looking for a few teams of talented video creators to pitch their projects to executives in person on October 20th in Santa Monica.

We’re looking for a variety of projects—some that are already produced and looking to take it to the next level, and others that are just in the early stages. They can be scripted, non-scripted, game-based or even elaborate ARGs that span across all platforms. We’ll select 3-5 of the more interesting concepts and invite them to give 5-minute presentation pitches live in front of the panel of top digital executives.

Our panelists for this Pitch Camp are all leading executives who have just about seen it all. They are veterans in the world of online entertainment who know the marketplace for online content better than anyone. They’ve seen countless pitches—not to mention given a few themselves—so they are here to share some candid feedback on what’s working and what not about the pitch ideas. So even if your project isn’t one of the ones being pitched, this will definitely be an informative and eye-opening session.

The Pitch Camp panelists:

Max Benator, Vice President, Digital Media — hud:sun Media
David Harris, MTV New Media
Amber J. Lawson, Comedy Publisher, Babelgum
Dan Weinstein, Head of New Media for Salient Media / Manager at The Collective

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What we’re looking for:

1. Originality — let’s not rehash failed TV pilots, but instead let’s see something new. Originality is always a good thing.
2. Marketing Plan — make sure to think about not only the concept, but how you plan on reaching your audience.
3. Use of the Internet as a medium — Think about why your project is made for the web. If it’s multi-platform, think about how to harness the internet’s unique strengths.

Register now to attend Digital Hollywood Los Angeles to watch this session in person and mingle with the who’s who in digital entertainment. Save money on the registration with the discount code: tubefilter when you sign up. See you guys there!