MTV Quietly Launches ‘Next Movie,’ Two Web Series in Tow

By 09/07/2010
MTV Quietly Launches ‘Next Movie,’ Two Web Series in Tow

next-movieIf Scott Robson knows three things, it’s movies, television, and online video. The current Vice President of Movie Content at MTV Networks has a resume ridden with properties and programs that bring news, gossip, and information about the silver and small screens to your computer screen.

As Editor-in-Chief at AOL Moviefone and AOL Television, Robson revitalized one of Moviefone’s flagship online video properties, Unscripted (an interactive take on blasé press junkets, where stars interview each other by way of user-submitted questions) and created a handful of his own; including The Show Girl (a fast-paced update of what’s on TV with host Maggie Furlong), The Moviephone Minute (movie news and commentary in 180 seconds or less), and Outside the Box (like Unscripted, except with a focus on television). Before that, Robson was Executive Producer at the Los Angels Times’ awards insider, The Envelope and Editor-in-Chief at E! Online.

So, when MTV was looking to develop a stand-alone website devoted to major motion pictures, they knew just who to call. Late last week, after six months on the job, Robson and his team quietly launched Next Movie. Over the phone, Robson told me how the site came to be:

“We know the MTV demo is very big into movies. We just think there’s a real opportunity out there right now in terms of where MTV is in regards to movie fans.”

At first, that explanation doesn’t make much sense. MTV has a movie blog and a movie awards show with a multi-million dollar production budget, but Robson is quick to point out how those properties can get lost in the fray. When you’re under the same overarching MTV banner as Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant, your URL can be tough to find.

next-movie-dailyAnd is worth discovering. So far, the nascent nexus for movie fans boasts a steady influx of written commentary and two original web series.

Nar Williams (who the E3 and Comic Con set may recognize from his Crave web series, Fanboy Funhouse) and McKenna Maduli play host on NextMovie Daily, a frenetic newscast highlighting top stories in the entertainment industry. The Screen Saviours features the so hot right now comedy duo of Pete and Brian (whose web show, Fact Checkers Unit recently debuted on It’s like Siskel & Ebert, except it stars two sketch comedians and shows a complete lack of reverence towards film.

As of now, the web series on Next Movie are sponsor free, but look for that to change as ad sales and marketing for the shows (and the site) kick into full gear. Also, be on the lookout for more content.

Robson noted the “Beta” under the Next Movie logo is there for a reason. As the site finds its footing, its programming slate will grow to meet the demands of its audience. Robson also explained how his team is looking to make Next Movie a focal point for movie fans, a place where they can “be engaged, and find, share, and talk about the stuff they like.”