Does Kia’s ‘Who’s Next?’ Series Have YouTube ‘Idol’ Power?

By 08/20/2010
Does Kia’s ‘Who’s Next?’ Series Have YouTube ‘Idol’ Power?

Kia Soul - Who's Next

We’ve been following this whole “Who’s Next?” campaign that Kia Soul is running on YouTube, and today the final eight contestants were announced officially kicking of the web series that will determine which one will be the next YouTube vlog star. —SMOSH,ShayCarl, and LisaNova were hired to fire up the YouTube faithful, and with over 3000 entries on the contest it’s already generated a healthy amount of earned media.

But the real question is, does this series actually have the ju-ju to be the Idol of YouTube? Will one of these actually break out to be one of those famed six-figure earning YouTubers? Possible, but you tell us.

The final eight:

David Kalb Rolls” – davidkalb

I am Next” – madefromgrapes

Dennis” – TrumpetDstudios

> 1 of Kind” – dollarvandemos

Sexy Shades Song” – CharliesVlogs

How I (Paper) Roll” – TheReceptionist

Tara Angel or Devil?” – TaraPebbles

Beatbox Debate” – DrennonDavis

And as a bonus (it is Friday after all), SMOSH sent us over their Top 10…um, Top 11, Internet Stars:

(These aren’t in the Kia contest, but the guys thought long and hard about who their personal favorite web video creators are.)

FND Films
Names: Aaron Fronk and Vinny DeGaetano
Why: These two guys make genuinely funny sketches that remind me a lot of Ian and myself. They put a ton of effort into their sketches and deserve more exposure than what they have. I’m always excited to see what they come up with next.

Barats & Bereta
Names: Luke Barats and Joe Bereta
Why: Once again I’m drawn to support the two man comedy duo that remind me of Ian and myself. These guys make really funny sketches. They’ve been putting sketch videos online for just about as long as Ian and myself and deserve much more attention.

Freddie Wong
Name: Freddie Wong
Why: Freddie, along with his buddies put a ton of effort into their visual effects and still manage to keep their sketches lighthearted and funny. Freddie will be huge one day. Godzilla size.

Kassem G
Name: Kassem G.
Why: Kassem is a truly hilarious comedian and improvisor. Every video he makes surprises me with something fresh. This guy deserves to be on TV along with everyone else I’ve mentioned.

Knox’s Korner
Name: Robert Benfer
Why: Robert makes the best claymation comedy I’ve ever seen. He has a very unique comedy style. I’d love to see this guy make a TV show.

Angry Video Game Nerd
Name: James Rolfe
Why: James reviews movies and classic video games. His video game reviews point out the many flaws of classic video game design and always manages to make me laugh. Maybe I’m just as big of a nerd, but I find it truly hilarious.

Name: Julian Smith
Why: Julian’s videos have a very subtle humor that I’ve grown to love. His videos also manage to look like they have huge budgets and teams behind their creation, even though Julian currently does absolutely everything on set himself. He’s setting the bar very high with his stuff which is amazing, but it’s making my videos look worse, haha!

Derrick Comedy
Name: Donald Glover, Dominic Dierkes, DC Pierson
Why: These guys create amazing comedy sketches with fantastic writing. They also created a full length film, Mystery Team, which is hilarious and well written.

Ask Charlie
Name: Charlie the Guinea Pig
Why: He’s a guinea pig. His name is Charlie. He is my favorite guinea pig named Charlie ever. I want guinea pig babies with him.

Good Neighbor Stuff
Names: Nick Rutherford, Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, and Dave McCary
Why: These talented guys have created some really great and absolutely hilarious stuff. They make the kind of videos where when a friend is at your house you’re like “Hey stop talking, I have to show you this video. You will LOL your ass off!”

Name: Rémi Gaillard
Why: He’s a French prankster that has pulled off some of the most hilarious and insane pranks I’ve ever seen. Not only is he a great prankster, but also an absolute magician with a soccer ball. You have to see his stuff to believe it. He’s a beast.