Digital Content NewFront[Ed. Note: Tubefilter News is live at Digitas’ Digital Content NewFront (#DCNF) today in New York and we’re keeping an eye on the pitch sessions for brands. Stay tuned for several of these breakdowns today.]

At the Digitas Digital Content NewFront we’ve seen content pitches from Dan Bucatinsky and Dani Klein Modisett for their parenting-gone-good-and-bad web series, Afterbirth, and Amy Brenneman’s presentation for her story of arrested development, The Procrastinators. Up next is the super secret “Suprise Guest Content Pitch #3,” and since Shaq couldn’t make it, Will Arnett and Jason Bateman took the stage.

Here’s their pitch:

Jason Bateman and Will ArnettPresenters: Will Arnett and Jason Bateman

Show Name: N/A – They briefly talked about their sponsor-driven production company, DumbDumb, which recently teamed up with Electus.

Logline: If you’re a brand, you should do projects with Will Arnett and Jason Bateman because they’re hysterical and don’t need no stinkin’ pitch decks.

Synopsis: Arnett and Bateman spent maybe an aggregate 90 seconds of their 10 minutes talking about their online production company, DumbDumb, and their strategy for web entertainment. “In our case,” Bateman says, “we go to the brands, and we say, ‘Do you have a slogan or a product?’ and they say, ‘We have x,’ and we go away and bring them back Y.” It’s kind of like an improv session where people in the audience shout out “banana,” “combover,” “Barry Bonds,” and then comedians make a sketch that incorporates all of those things, except the audience are international, consumer-facing companies, and the comedians are Arnett and Bateman.

Bateman also noted that he believes the style of online media must be different. “I think you have to be a little more obvious with humor on television. On the internet, they’re willing to find the funny. that’s the stuff that makes us laught a little bit more. People are more predisposed to find that or look for that online,” he said.

For the other eight minutes and 30 seconds, Arnett and Bateman riffed off one another and talked about how there’s not going to be an Arrested Development movie because Arnett is a “dickhhead” and got a show picked up. Arnett told the audience to be sure to tune into Running Wild on Tuesdays at 9:30PM on Fox.

Talent attached: Jason Bateman, Will Arnett, and their famous, funny friends.

Will it get bought: Yes.
Why? Bateman and Arnett gave the most entertaining Content Pitch of the day, and they didn’t pitch any content. Their confident, casual demeanors, celebrity appeal, and impeccable comedic timing were sure to impress any Chief Marketing Officer in the room.

Likely brands: Risk taking brands up for bawdy comedy: Taco Bell, Axe, Bud Light

Update: On Thursday, June 10th, DumbDumb launched it’s first web series, Dirty Shorts.

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