Digital Content NewFront[Ed. Note: Tubefilter News is live at Digitas’ Digital Content NewFront (#DCNF) today in New York and we’re keeping an eye on the pitch sessions for brands.]

At the Digitas Digital Content NewFront we’ve seen content pitches from Dan Bucatinsky and Dani Klein Modisett for their parenting-gone-good-and-bad web series, Afterbirth, and Amy Brenneman’s presentation for her story of arrested development, The Procrastinators. Then came the super secret “Suprise Guest Content Pitch #3,” since Shaq couldn’t make it, with Will Arnett and Jason Bateman took the stage. Finally there was funny man Seth Green. Contrary to his jerkish image, the guy was quite cordial in dazzling Madison Avenue’s finest.

Here’s his pitch:

Presenter: Seth Green

Show Name: URule

Logline: “The Truman Show, except that Truman is a willing volunteer.”

Synopsis: “Adam is a typical 20-something male. Single. Unemployed. Figuring it out. Except Adam makes no decisions of his own.” He’s monitored 24/7 and every choice, from what underwear he puts on in the morning to which potential sexual partners he should encounter, are made by a live, internet audience. Binary or ABC selections determining Adam’s future are thrown up on screen in real-time. Viewers vote in a matter of minutes. The results are sent to “Adam.” He does whatever the audience decides, and any free will or dignity that remains is lost in the process.

Talent attached: Seth Green as the Executive Producer.

Will it get bought: 70% chance of yes.
Why? Don’t let his douchebag persona on Entourage fool you. Green stepped out on stage with a purpose. He read from his PDA a very well articulated introduction that quickly and concisely expressed his entertainment expertise, new media knowhow, and genuine interest and excitement in making something awesome with the right advertiser in the room. With five seasons and counting of Robot Chicken under his belt, Green knows how to make quality programming for smart kids from the 80s and other demos that spend vast amounts of their lives online. DBG is also on board to help promote, sell, and distribute the show. The only problem is, I feel like URule has been done before.

Likely brands: Colgate, Taco Bell, Scope, Hanes

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