LOST endingsThe guys at Team Tiger Awesome are regular standouts on Atom.com, dreaming up clever spoofage to pass the days away. And with the finale of ABC’s mind bender LOST fast approaching on May 23rd, they sought fit to create 11 possible endings for the hit series. They borrow heavily from other famous endings—like the most watched episode in the history of television, the M*A*S*H finale.

So here they are, all eleven of them, for your enjoyment. They made eleven of these alternate endings, with the last one a not so subtle shout out to Atom sponsor Burger King. (Free onion rings?!)

What’s your favorite? I’m deadlocked between “L*O*S*T” and the Usual Suspects nod, “The Greatest Trick Jacob Ever Pulled.” Decide for yourself:

LOST: The Cast Says Goodnight


LOST: Oh Boy

LOST: Locke-y III

LOST: Who Choked JL?

LOST: Closing Time

LOST: The Greatest Trick Jacob Ever Pulled

LOST: The True Meaning of Lost

LOST: You Blew It Up!!!

LOST: Those Meddling Castaways

LOST: The Best Rings on the Island

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