Twilight with Steve CooperI grew up knowing the ‘Dear Abby’ phenomena only as an ironic comedy reference. However, when I found that real people wrote in with real problems I was blown away. First of all who writes letters anymore? I think only serial killers and hostage takers, but they don’t even write they just cut out letters from magazines. Next it spoke to a time when people were more eloquent with words and didn’t feel the need to abbreviate ‘OK’ as ‘K’. Lastly, it was damn nice of that Abby to be so helpful. So, I want to pretend to know what that’s like and write a letter to help me understand Twilight With Steve Cooper.

Dear Abby, I was watching episode 7 and it didn’t make any sense. The host, fictionalized Steve Cooper (Jeremy Seglem), is in a chair and then a guy in a bad Renaissance Fair costume (The Earl of Sandwich) comes on. Then they start talking about sandwiches, because I think the guy in the bad Renaissance Fair costume is supposed to be the guy that invented sandwiches.

At one point I even found myself saying, “I’m confused”, out loud. I guess if I were IM’ing with someone about it I would’ve typed ‘C.O.L.’ for ‘confused out loud’.

OK, I get that this is supposed to be mock interview show taking benign issues, such as sandwiches…. I just said ‘sandwiches’ out loud because I got confused again. Anyway, the show takes an issue like sandwiches and tries to be serious about it, hence making it funny. Um…no. The host doesn’t play it straight enough. And the weird Renaissance guy… Um, no. So, I watch other episodes and there are other characters from other historic time periods. And I’m just like, “I get it. Next.” Then I watch another one and I’m like, “Nope.” Even the, the network that hosts the series, is confusing. I clicked on the link and it started playing some Dora The Explorer rip off commercial and I was ‘C.O.L.’ once again.

So Abs, can I call you Abs? Any way, if you could help me make sense of this series I would greatly appreciate it. I want to go on the Internet, and at the very least not seek council. I applaud the concept, but I also applaud the concept of Communism, or as Republicans like to call it, Democracy.

If you were looking for something light that goes down smooth I would recommend digging into Infinite Jest before watching Twilight With Steve Cooper.

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