Web series and web video bits from around the internets worth clicking today:

sportz nutzLG15: This Show is Yours is coming back next month as EQAL announced the winner of its fan contest to continue the original lonelygirl15 storyline in a blog post by EQAL’s Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried naming LG15: Outbreak the season 2 premiering January 11. The trailer for the “8-week interactive thrill ride” is above. But it looks like the fun may have already started as a reversed clip of the same trailer has some hidden messages in it. [LG15.com]

Sports and cute girls have mixed well for ages, so why stop now? Sportz Nutz returned for its second season this week starring two attractive and knowledgeable post-college sports buffs Susannah Collins and Sam Raddock breaking down the college football bowl matchups from the Army-Navy tailgate. Who knew nitrous oxide was still popular?  [YouTube]

The Website is Down continued its somewhat-semi-bi-annual release schedule, dropping their fourth original episode, “Sales Demolition” (NSFW) this week from creator Josh Weinberg. The first in the series, “Sales Guy vs. Web Dude” was a viral breakout. This time it’s a Plastroltech sales demo that goes completely haywire. [Spiked Humor]

Safety Geeks SVI wrapped up their first season releasing their 13-minute finale Ep. 11 “A Strange Sucking Sound” on KoldCast (below) and YouTube last week. The bumbling (and sexy) P.O.S.H. team, including calendar queen Brittney Powell and creators Tom Konkle and Dave Beeler seem to have nabbed their safety violator and tied up loose ends, for now. [Daveandtom.com]

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